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The Toyota Hose Clip (#96134-52600), an indispensable component in systems like the Drive-Chassis Front Steering Gear & Link and Engine-Fuel Air Cleaner, plays a pivotal role in securing hoses to fittings, preventing any leaks or dislocations. This auto part, while small, is crucial for the unhindered functioning of the associated system. A genuine Toyota Hose Clip (#96134-52600) offers optimal compatibility with your vehicle. These genuine parts also come with Toyota's authentic parts warranty, underscoring their reliability. Over time, Hose Clip (#96134-52600)s can lose their grip or break, potentially leading to fluid leaks, system malfunctions, and decreased efficiency or safety. Hence, periodic replacement is essential. By ensuring a tight and secure seal, the Hose Clip (#96134-52600) contributes significantly to the overall performance and safety of the system it is part of. Related parts that work in conjunction with the Hose Clip (#96134-52600) include the hoses and fittings it secures.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90467-26005;90467-26006;90467-26004;90467-26002;90467-26001;96134-42600
Part Number 96134-52600

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