Oil Fill Cap - TRD

The Value of Utilizing Toyota Trd Oil Cap Genuine Parts

The legendary Toyota Racing Development logo is on display every time you pop the hood when you replace your stock oil cap with this highly polished, forged billet aluminum cap.

  • High-luster coating helps ensure long-term “like new” appearance
  • Maintains high factory quality standards for performance and strength
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02;PT901-12108-02 More
Type Screw-on
Part Number PTR04-12108-02
Material Forged Billet Aluminum
Logo TRD

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