Radiator Protector

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The Radiator Protector (#16546-WAA01) is a vital Engine-Fuel part within the Radiator & Water Outlet system of a Toyota vehicle. Its primary function is to shield the radiator from physical damage caused by road debris while driving, and to prevent any obstruction to air flow which could lead to overheating. Genuine Toyota Radiator Protector (#16546-WAA01)s offer vehicle compatibility and are covered by the Toyota Genuine Parts Warranty. Periodic replacement of the Radiator Protector (#16546-WAA01) is essential as over time, this part can get damaged or clogged with debris, compromising its effectiveness. A non-functional or broken Radiator Protector (#16546-WAA01) can cause radiator damage or overheating, leading to potential engine failure. By offering protection to the radiator, this essential part helps maintain optimal engine temperature, contributing significantly to the overall performance and safety of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 16546-WAA01

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